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The Chicken & The Lettuce

The Chicken & The Lettuce

Dear Readers, that is assuming we have some readers out there.....

This weekend at Haywill Animal Rescue was little more hectic than usual. In about 2 weeks work begins on a new roof at the Etherow Centre, meaning we have to move all of the animals and valuables out to the Glossop site before then. So for 5 weeks, assuming work goes to plan, we will all be squeezed into the Glossop site like a tin of sardines. In an attempt to make the move less stressful, we have already begun to move the smaller animals out. Hetty the (disabled) Hedgehog has come home with me and the tortoise have gone home with another volunteer. I dare say the chicks will miss the tortoise the most as they are always stood on the cage hogging all the heat from the heat lamp. It has become a ritual to chase them off every time anybody goes into the small animal stable. 

The chicks at the Etherow site are full of quirks themselves. Like having tea with the Hatter & the Hare. Despite the rather large bowl of food, you will find at least 2 or them fighting over the same lettuce leaf. If you have never seen to chickens playing tug of war with a leaf of lettuce, I would definitely recommend it. There is inevitably always a sore looser who then pulls the winners feather in the hope of still getting the lettuce leaf as they run around the stable together, one chicken holding a lettuce leaf the other holding said chickens feathers and the rest of the chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs hopping out of the way until the looser gives up and goes the the food bowl for a different piece of lettuce. Which tastes just as good!

 Let's just hope they can settle there lettuce related differences in time for the move!

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