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Taking Time Off Can Be The Hard Part

Taking Time Off Can Be The Hard Part

As every business owner will know and understand, moving can be one of the best & worst decisions you can make. Whether you are doing it to expand the business or cut your overheads, its not a choice you make lightly. 

We have recently moved, and despite hoping to continue trading throughout, it became to difficult and had to hold sales for 10 days. Overall it took us 6 weeks to move everything over, but this was not without its problems.

First of all our broadband company messed up and the address change was put on retention. With 2 weeks left till D-day I called them up in a panic that the new lines hadn't been installed. We were then left without internet for 2 weeks! Not so much of a problem for some, but a major problems when you are an e-Commerce store. Lets just say that trying to work from home didn't work. I ended up commuting 4 times a day!

The second issue we came across was trying to fit racking at the same time as moving the stock, this really did not work, but as time was running against us there was no option other than to pile high in every available nook and cranny.

Then to top it all off on the last day of moving between the last 2 loads, I had an accident. I ended up handing the keys over with a massively swollen hand before running to A&E for an x-ray. 

The move was completed the day before Jubilee weekend, we had arranged for the kids to stay with family, and after 6 weeks of working 10-12 hours a day with no day off we planned to rest the entire weekend. 

When you work for yourself for so long it can be hard to take time off work. As exhausting as it was, working 6 weeks straight was easy enough. The hard part was taking time off. Come Saturday morning we had both got bored and ended up back at work. The benefits of being a family business can also be a curse when you look at each other over a morning brew and say "I'm bored, lets go to work" lol.

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