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From IT Classes To eCommerce

I remember our IT classes in high school. We had 2 rooms each filled with about 30+ computers. Like the rest of the class, we never really took the lessons seriously, mostly messed about and played pranks. I left high school in 2005, and never in my wildest dream imagined I would be running and eCommerce company. If you asked me what a http or even code was then I would of looked at you like you had 2 heads. But now I talk about algorithms over breakfast, and confuse my mother just skirting the subject. 

After school all I wanted to do was earn money, so I got a job at Alexandra Plc in the city, I was trained up on an ancient POD system (that was once state of the art) working my way up to handling customer accounts and eventually stepping in as temp' assistant manager. I loved that job and was gutted when they closed the stores. But I learnt an lot from that job and from my manager there. 4 years later I was stepping out on my own, whilst still in my early 20's.

I have to admit that I struggled to get business to take off for the first 3 years. My chosen trade, and passion, was a hard market but I gained valuable experience in business management and website building, I even learnt what an SEO was. Simple I know, but something I was very proud off at the time.

Learning the in's and out's of Google, eBay and Facebook's algorithms was a daunting task, but something I found I greatly enjoyed. My mum cant figure that one out, sitting at the computer for hours is the equivalent of the anti Christ for her. Its such an interesting topic, an great challenge too. So much so I'm even considering learning code! 

They say you never stop learning, but it amuses me that something we saw as irrelevant at school has now be come such an ingrained part of everyday life, and I wonder how far this social IT trip can reach.

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