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Living In Lockdown

Its the hottest, driest April ever recorded. But it will be one we will never want to remember. Our lives are dominated by strange virus that come over from China, we are separated from our family's by Social distancing and doing the food shop can only be described as a near apocalyptic experience.

By now we all know that the virus originated in Wuhan, though there is some debate about its exact origins. Some sources are still hinting that it was accidentally leaked from the research facility there. And though we know its has originated with bats, not all sources can agree as to how exactly it made the jump. Was another animal involved via the wet market, or was it accidentally transmitted in the lab.

During these hard times many of us a scared and angry. We have no clear leadership, all we get told is 'We will be directed by the science' which is highly unhelpful. The economy has closed down and businesses have be let hung out to dry, the promised help is slow to appear if your lucky enough to get it at all. Some people are abiding by the new rules whilst others instigate anger by blatantly flouting them and putting lives at risk.

To make things worse, locally, we are on our 4th/5th moor fire of the season already (I have lost count) and the locals are getting to used to be order to keep doors and windows closed.

Some countries like Vietnam and New Zealand where fast to act and have almost eradicated the virus, and we should be looking to them for lessons. Though we know little to nothing and new developments baffle scientists, there is hope. These countries have proven that with a strict regime of track and trace the virus can be fully contained and prevented from moving any further. After all it needs us to live and travel, But many governments like ourselves where to afraid to act, they delayed response, and subsequently put there own countries in the dire positions they face today.

We are now in our 5th week of lockdown, with in excess of 20,000 deaths and failing health system. But its not all doom and gloom. Many of us, even in the city's are noticing the wildlife are coming out of hiding. We had Roe Deer in the local streets recently, during the day. And I spotted a badger in my garden last night. The air is clearer and pollution is dropping. We are feeling the effect of Global Warming this April but we are also seeing that when it really comes to it we can fix it. 

If there is one thing this awful virus has taught me, its this. We are stronger than we thing, but we are also highly adaptable. We don't need to be stuck in rush hour traffic every day, our children may benefit from spending more time with us, even if they are at work with you (our are loving helping out, by simply running little errand) and we can reverse global warming and beat this virus. But we can only do it if we work together, as one human race.

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