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Sorry I though you where older.... - McGowan & Co

Sorry I though you where older....

Hands up if you have ever forgotten a birthday/anniversary. Or more to the point, hands up if you have forgotten yours or someone else's age. Well just that happened to me yesterday.

As we all celebrated the 72nd birthday of the NHS, I blithely got my ages mixed up and spent the day celebrating their 75th birthday. A fact that was rudely pointed out to me later that evening. But are we all not human....

People forget that behind the glowing screen and pretty pictures of every e-Commerce company is a human being, many of whom are working hard to earn a living for our families, and as much everyone likes to think they are perfect, we all forget things from time to time.

For instance I stopped remembering my age when I hit 30, actually I forget everyone's age when I hit 30. My teenage daughter is fed up of reminding me of how old she will be this year. Its 13, perhaps there's a good reason for forgetting this, after all they do say ignorance is bliss.

So to all of our key workers and everyone else I know, I'm sorry I cant remember how old you are, but that doesn't mean your loved any less. It just means I'm slipping in to blissful ignorance of age.


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