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Green Policy

As the word looks for ways to cut down on Carbon Emissions, we do too.

Some of the changes we have made are:

  • Shredding scrap paper to be used as a packing medium.
  • Reusing as much cardboard as possible.
  • Re-using any boxes or packing materials that arrive with our own deliveries.
  • Using low energy bulbs where possible and turning of lights when not required.
  • Replacing plastic tape with eco friendly paper tape.
  • Replacing plastic postal bags with eco friendly bags made from sugar cane.
  • Sourcing as from UK suppliers as much as possible.

80% of our postage packaging is now Eco Friendly.

Many of our products unfortunately come in plastic packaging from the factory We always encourage our customers to recycle what they can and dispose of what they can't in a responsible way.

There is no Planet B, lets look after what we have!

Beautiful Earth