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Vintage Evans Electroselenium Ltd HB Blood Meter

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One for the collectors of vintage medical equipment or just the weird and wonderfull, could be used as a prop.
Its made by Evans Electroselenium Ltd, Halstead Essex England.
It says Hb Meter, I havent tried to turn it on or test it.
Since acquiring this machine, we have received a message telling us all about this machine, it says.......

"This is a Haemaglobin Meter (Hb) for measuring red blood cells optically. The technology dates by to the early 1960's. Basically filtered light of a known wavelength is focussed through a test tube and reaches a selenium photo-cell which produces a voltage output directly proportional to the amount of light/ photons which have passed through the sample. The number of red blood cells in the sample is therefore a factor of the light which has not reached the photo-cell. As red blood cells carry oxygen the level of oxygen in the blood can be read from the scale. Simple but obsolete technology as blood gas is now measured using a different technology not invented when this equipment was in production, I made hundreds of these Hb meters during the 1960's whilst working at the company, They were popular in Europe but not in the UK as doctors here used physic observation of the patients. Had he turned blue from cyanosis?"