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Haywill Animal Rescue

Haywill Animal Rescue

As some of you many or may not know, my daughter and I have been volunteering at a local animal rescue for a while now. Haywill Animal Rescue and Therapy Centre, with sites in both Glossop and Broadbottom, and its daily madness, has become a second family for us. 

As avid animal lovers we get a great deal of joy from helping out with the daily chores of mucking out the animals, feeding and cleaning them, along with helping administratively where we can.

If you haven't already heard of Haywill, there website can give you much more information than I can, but for now I intend on, hopefully, bringing you all a taste of this joy with regular blogs of our days volunteering.

This weekend was one of the best we have all had so far as the charity was invited to a local charity fair, as you can see from the photo we got to meet the local Mayor and Mayoress. Myself, Lynn and my daughter along with another volunteer set up a soft toy tombola for the day. We had been overwhelmed with donations for the the previous week and where worried we may have brought too many, but to our great joy and surprise it went down a storm with the public and we sold out completely with over and hour still to go.

As you can see form the photo we took a few of our rescues with us. There was Wilma-Doris the dog (not photographed) Treacle & Toffee the Pigmy Goats, Hetty the Hedgehog and Lettuce the Runner Duck, who all spent the day, mostly, playing with children. 

All of the animals at Haywill come from a wide range of backgrounds and all have there own story to tell. Sometimes these can be more traumatic than others, but given time and love (which comes from Lynn and all of our volunteers) they all come out of there shells and have wonderfully personalities. For instance, Lettuce the duck shown in the images is hand reared after being abandoned as an egg then requiring human intervention to prevent it from dying during hatching. This means he has developed a love of people and especially children. Lettuce could play with children all day long.

As we emerge form the dark days of Covid, the carnival was a welcome pick me up for everyone who went on the day, be it stall holders, marshals or the public. And I look forward to telling you all more of our adventures in better detail.

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