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Women – The founders of all humanity

Women – The founders of all humanity

For millennia women have been seen as a sign of strength and fertility, recognised as the mothers of all humanity and the continuation of our race as humans. Yet, here, almost ¼ of the way through the 21st century, 6 million years after the 1st record of early hominins, we women find ourself fighting for the right to be seen as equal human being’s in the eyes of many men. I know what many of you may be saying now, ‘women have equal rights’ and ‘women can do any job a man can do’, but do we really have equality in life? Living in a western developed country we are taught to believe that we have the same rights as men. Our children are taught about the suffragettes in school and how women can now vote freely thanks to the likes of Emily Pankhurst, but hidden beneath the façade lie’s a deeper truth, the truth that we have only just scratched the surface. In recent years the gender pay gap has been exposed, but not fixed. Girls are told they can do the same jobs as men, but find they are treated differently. And on a hot summer’s day men can walk around topless, yet we women are humiliated for breast feeding a child in public. Where is the difference between a man’s nipple and a woman’s?

As I write this thousands of women are facing an uncertain future as the Taliban have swept through Afghanistan at an unbelievable rate. NATO have launched and emergency evacuation, and women have been forced out of their jobs, purely because they are women. Here in Briton woman are facing a new threat, by the name of ‘Incel’, men who feel that women are the source of all their problems in life. But where did this belief that men should have total control over women come from, why did it come about and when did it begin? Prehistory is littered with many examples of fertility symbols and Goddesses all around the world. These symbols almost always depict a pregnant woman which is worshiped in the hope of a fruitful crop, good weather, a healthy safe birth. The image of a full-bodied pregnant woman symbolised regeneration, a thing of love and beauty.

I am no historian, nor am I am expert, but we all know that by the time the Romans where conquering the west, women had no rights. The senate was ruled solely by men and a woman had no roles in public life. But this does not mean to say there were not any women of power in the Roman era. But what about before the Romans came. As any Monty Python fan will remember “What did the Romans ever do for us?” well, the real question is what did the Romans do for women? Looking further back in history, we have very strong examples of women is Celtic power. Women such as Boudica and Cartimandua, but of course there is little written evidence from these times and even less from earlier in history.

So where does leave use currently and in the future. Have we been brainwashed for century’s into believing that men are strong than women, by men who imply feel insecure? I for one would love to see a man go through menstrual cramps every month and give birth without pain relief, as we still do today, then tell me that they are stronger than any women…. If men feel so insecure that we must fight to be seen as an equal force in humanity, then fight we will, as we have always done, because without you ‘women folk’ you men would not be here. Men may be the once’s self-declared to sit on the throne, but use women rule in silence but it is time the silence ended, and we are recognised for what we truly are, the founders of all humanity and not the evil temptress you would all have us be.

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Joesph Allan - An Lùnastal 20, 2021

Hi I’m Jo I’m a 28year old gay guy and very very feminine former drag queen in Scotland. The article that you’ve put out is simply fantastic!.This has left me feeling a number of different emotions, because of my strong powerful femininity I’m so proud of this article, but I’m also emotional of how women have been and still are treated worldwide, but I’m also emotional as I’m so proud and I feel so so lucky that I have what I can only describe as a 99.9 % female side. Even though I’m male in body, I feel and look 100% all woman, thank God!, she is helping me .I’ve genuinely been crying reading this, thank you so much, if there’s anything I can do to help our cause, please let me know. Love and hugs to all our sisters .. woman power xx Jo

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