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1kg Recycled English Pewter Ingot Bar - Hand Poured

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Hand crafted by our own Gaita team in house, this 1kg pewter ingot bar is made from recycled English Pewter.  Every step is done by our own hands, we source English Pewter, melt and re-pour into ingots of various shapes and sizes.

English pewter is known for its high content of tin, at a minimum of 92%, which is also lead free. The balance is made up of antimony and copper making it safe for home casting.

Our pewter has been melt and cast by ourselves in house with very little wate, making it very eco-friendly. It has a low melting point, ideal for remelting and casting into whatever craft you desire. It can be cast into a variety of mould’s including silicone, wood and metal.


Material - English Pewter

Shape - Rectangular ingot bar

Weight - 1 kilogram 

Length - Approx. 8 cm

Width - Approx. 5 cm

Depth - Approx 1.6 cm