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About Us

It is said that "From small begins come great things", but these can't come without hard work and determination.


Gaita started life in August 2017 as a small car boot pitch with a few boxes of items. At that time there was no dream to expand, simply a need to earn a wage. But as our product range grew and the business expanded, we realised their was a dream behind all of the hard graft and early starts.

Over the years the company has had a few different names, as we found our footing. We first went live with our own website in March 2020 under the name McGowan & Co, but Covid soon hit and many things had to change. Within a few months the decision was made to change the name to Gaita.


Why Gaita?

We spent a long time looking for a name that would also honour our Scottish heritage, we eventually stumbled across Gaita online. It is on old Gaelic Portuguese word meaning Bagpipes and we instantly fell in love, and soon began the long process of registering Gaita as our own trademark which was received in August 2021.


So who are 'we'?

I am Alison McGowan, founder, owner and manageress of Gaita and its previous incarnations. I am a mother of two small humans, a disabled Rooke and a Running Duck. I enjoy archery where I am the club Secretary and volunteer at an animal rescue in my spare time.

I first became self employed in 2013 after being made redundant when my employer closed the store where I worked. I had just given birth to my second child at that time.

The other half the 'we' is my husband Andrew McGowan. A monumental stone mason by trade and my volunteer helper the rest of the time. He has enjoyed buying and selling since he was a child, when he would get into trouble at school for selling sweets, magazines etc, anything he could turn a small profit on. Andrew helps me to maintain a smooth running business.


The future....

Nobody knows what the future will hold, I know what we hope for, but can only do our best to continue achieving those goals. The business went live online in one of the hardest months in British economy, the month Covid hit. Like many of our business friends and neighbours, we have had many a sleepless night, but have made it this far and hope to make it much further into the future.