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Antique 14lb Cast Iron Measures Weight

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This beautiful vintage cast iron measures weight has been loving cleaned of decades of rust & given a light polish to bring out its natural patina. Measuring 9 x 12.5cm with a 9cm ring forged into place, this wonderful example of British industry will make a great centre piece or decoration either indoors or out. 

The UK decimalised in 1971 changing weights and measures from stone & lb to grams & kg. This weight has no makers marking but is heavy duty enough to have been used in an industrial setting. That dates it manufacture between the late 19th & early 20th centuries, becoming obsolete after 1971.

Can be put to use as a door stop or gazebo weight for parties or simply a unique decoration.

Weight Measures: H12.5cm, Top Width 8.5cm, Bottom Width 9cm

Ring measures: 9cm diameter

Overall Height: 22cm